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just a small town girl livin' in a lonely woooorrlldd

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apparently there’s a new show coming in september where a bunch if people with different beliefs, religions, ideologies, and political alignments have to build a “perfect society”

this is everything i’ve ever wanted



can anyone make this transparent for me pls?



Sheikah Warrior: Sheik





The American Hogwarts Houses

If I’m not in Foxcrest I’m gonna tear this whole place down.

I really want to smell these deodorants and see which one I find most attractive. Please let it be the one that’s supposed to smell like smart dude.

ooh ive had almost all of these and i know what they smell like
the wolfthorns smells like pineapple, the foxcrest smells like cinnamon, the bearglove just smells a little like axe, and the hawkridge is a sorta weird fruity smell


Lee got nominated for the ALS Ice bucket challenge.



"you’re all posers" i say to the models. they are very good at their job

Anonymous asked: How did you get your name?

not sure which one your talking about, since i have like 3 nicknames BUT

deedee is my dog’s name, i’ve just used it as an alias since i was like 11 (hence the blog title deedeeluver) and i’ve just been called that for so long there’s no reason to really change it

addy is my irl nickname, it’s just a shortened version of my first name

adeline is my actual-actual name and i was named after some relative (my great-great aunt i think).

oh and honorable mention belle because my mom calls me that and i’m still not sure why



Single Woman’s Title = Miss
Married Woman’s Title = Mrs.
Unknown Woman’s Title = Ms.

Married Man’s Title = Mr.
Single Man’s Title = Mr.
Unknown Man’s Title = Mr.

Because a woman only has status if she is married

think about it.
add an…


friendly reminder that since it’s getting hot out, people of all sizes and genders can wear whatever they want to keep themselves cool and comfortable, and you are, under no circumstances, allowed to shame them or sexualize them for it.

Track: Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover)
Artist: Celia Pavey



holy shit

I read somewhere that sirens/mermaids sang songs that they heard from sailors on passing ships. I imagine this is what a modern siren would sound like singing this song.


Tiny Solar Cottage 387 sqft solar powered cottage is manufactured by Palm Harbor Homes.




I just want a serial killer to love me is that too much to ask